Friday, September 8, 2023



Psalm 119:97

King James Version

97 O how love I thy law! 

it is my meditation all the day.

This blog was born moments ago.

As I was going about my new chores.

Helping the family put some semblance of order.

Into our lives, faith, and work.

The result?

SPIRIT thought a new blog appropriate.

Welcome "PRACTICAL born again TIPS".

This is our 90th blog so far.

What makes it different?

I never believed in complexity.

Doesn't make sense.

Why make things hard for others?

What, to show off your superiority?

To make other people feel small?

I'm so not into that.

GOD made me born again four years ago.

He also made me a practical person.

In every way possible.

From design, to communications.

To cooking, to writing, to teaching.

In everything I think, say, and do.

Always looking for an easier way of doing things.

I'm not lazy.

I just wanted to make room for more important things.

What important things those were, I initially had no idea.

I just knew there was "that" important thing.

When GOD made me born again in September 2019, it became apparent.

Eighty-nine blogs after, I'm convinced.

SPIRIT has taught me a better way.

An easier way at life.

With JESUS in it.

Only JESUS could show me how.

All that I've come to know, I will share with you.

Whether it's life, work, or relationships.

I've had my share of errors and mishaps.

Only because I didn't know GOD's laws then.

Once you do, it's like a full-spectrum light goes on.

I shall be talking as I normally do.

In a practical, no-nonsense way, of course.

It's how GOD designed this workman.

Welcome to this blog, if you care to know.

One thing for sure, you will appreciate SPIRIT's ways.

So, let's begin through these posts.

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